Knife Campaigns

How can you get involved ?

Its head quarters is based in Birmingham UK

Hoping to reach milestone in the USA

Canada and other parts of Europe

You can Follow @kAP on twitter

They are very busy so it can be hard to get a response, but do let them know

Tell them you’re a performer

The peace act in Birmingham and Sheffield saw Artists from Youtubr Perform Live on Television in 2015

Including myself Author878

Bath treats has now been Sold to focus on Author878

Which is now all of my socials

Instead of Bath treats

I got Dignosed and the the keratoconus has worsened

So i had to throw the Towel in to make the products was very difficult

I stick to my poetry

If you are outside and want to support Knife awareness you can

IT will keep your cities Safer from Knife crime which has increased dramatically and must stop

Lives not knives

Lets do it

Good luck

Any questions #AskAuthor878 on Social media

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