Diagnosed blind

To tell you the truth

I wasn’t expecting it

I was just wanting to find out how bad my vision had gotten

If you see me i am always squinting just to see

To the point people turn to me and ask me if i am alright mentally

It is rare to get it in the United Kingdom so people do not quite understand it


I read on google I can get a free consultation for Cold Laser eye surgery and i wanted to know more, but finding out  i cannot have it and that it is like normal laser, but the after effects are less painful

However for me this was only part one

I got told Nothing will help my vision besides an eye graft so basically a rare one is some kind hearted people give up their corneas to help younger people

I would, but i can’t anymore

I felt really down and almost hit the roof with anger because my professionals promised i wouldn’t go blind

Unfortunately my case is the worse case seen in the UK in over 25 years

The disease progresses in that time to this point and for me it took 3 years

Optical express Took me back to Hospital my appointment at 3-44pm

I waited until nearly ten past 6 and my professional i don’t care how tired just didn’t seem interested in listening

Offered no support or anything unless i try these Supposedly Life changing Hard Contacts and for me this is silly

I have Epilepsy and Anxiety  i fear going unconscious while they are in my eyes

Oh well i can always say To the Professional i told you so LOL

I will Try them and if not

I have decided to take clothes from friends and family as Ebay have given me 100 free listings as my selling has gone above standard

So i am happy with that

If something is crappy I can always say £1 or £2 ideal for resale even here

Some of them are custom made dresses which are hard to shift so i don’t bother any more

If people have old bags i try to sell them if it doesn’t work Job lots do ok Ideal for resale goes well because people want things cheap and want to sell on

Plus i want to make money for my Transplant so everyone is a winner

I decided to write this one first so you’d understand my absence from here

I hope you have all been well

Email me @riribix40gmail.com

I made it so we can talk

Why not

Youtube Author878

Instagram Author878

#Facebook Author878

And my Twitter Bath_treats4

Thanks for Your kind words I am happy to be here and lets Keep Positive

I was a little depressed but i learned

If i always think this way I end up bringing my self into oblivion

It is not easy you need a good cry then go have one and do not feel bad


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