How I cured my Acne

At some point in life we all get over stressed and this is not good for acne.

Nor is anxiety which i unfortunately posses so i used everything to try to get rid of it…

Had 13 sessions of Hijama and use Hemp oil for hormonal control as this can be a problem it is good for acne also.

Use peppermint on a regular basis and of course Meditation to help you relax or go do something you enjoy

For me I find Golf very relaxing and swimming (is swimming bad?)  Well you can’t restrict everything it is worse to be anxious?   Just cleanse your skin with the tips i will give you below.

OK so now we begin our journey to get rid of ACNE…  The evil Spot monster (laughs)

Antibacterial cleansers

Yes, or no

YES, twice daily but wash hands first

Natural oils in your skin may be building up

Use warm water to open up your pores and COLD water to shut them

This prevents dirt getting back into your pores and it is also a trick used to get rid of blackheads!

DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANSERS or it could irritate your acne!

Try a sensitive alternative it may be you have sensitive skin  and I did not at first, but then I realised I had because my skin gets irritated very quickly.

Throughout the day try to avoid touching your face and when you wash just gently wash it without RUBBING IN too abrasively and then pat dry do not rub towel over face.


OIL BLOTTING PAPER  or Grease proof paper



This is very good to relieve excess oil from the skin which can result in excessive acne.

Use a sanitiser on your hands as your hands produce oil and pick up grime throughout the day, hence why I experienced excessive acne in my teens and early twenties because I kept touching my face.

If you’re a Female and you MUST WEAR COSMETICS I personally stopped it…

So here is a tip DO use mineral based, make up or Vegan I personally prefer VEGAN because it will not be sold in China the evil Animal testing country and besides Vegan is good for your Skin.

Hypo-allergenic is also important when choosing products for your skin.

ALWAYS use make up remover this will also remove excess oil in the skin too there are many brands to choose from and if you’re not sure ask somebody about their range of products and which one is best for acne and oily skin.

You can also use Vegan facial cleaners and shower gels and shampoos to see if they will help as they are very mild and better for you.

Also many of us seem tempted at some time in our life, but do not pop the ZIT because it will get dirt, grime and then it will cause your skin to swell up and scar.

You get more grime into it and it will get worse not better.

Make up brushes, be sure to cleanse them in hot water, with your facial cleanser and then leave them to dry on a clean towel.


If you sweat try to use the oil Blotting paper, and splash cold water on your face, as the pores accumulate dirt it will also make acne worse.

Also using a face cloth with ice inside to relieve swelling and redness it will also help with the acne eventually.

You can also use COLD cucumber, cold tea bags….

Cucumber is a skin healer and green tea is an antioxidant!

Or drink them together in a smoothie 3 x a day or add Cucumber to your water.


You need Vitamin A, C and E and to have regular bursts of potassium which is found in Bananas

Plus Chlorophyll is a good one  A,C,E and chlorophyll is found in the cucumber so if you place it in water overnight it will absorb it and we drink it very regular at the spa and it is really refreshing and addictive.

Blend cucumber and use as a mask.

Lemons are a great way to cure black heads and oil

I once used it and the black heads just came pouring out, (amazing) it is why I want to share my experiences with my horrific skin problems.


YES if it is stings then It means it is working it is killing the bacteria that you cannot notice.

IT will also help the acne too.

You can also use citric acid which is also found in the lemon, place a spoon in warm water and soak a cotton ball and then you have a great Acne alternative if you can’t find a lemon.


Get some ice and cool it off or wash it with COLD WATER.

Following the steps, I mentioned in washing your face and also keep nails short and very clean.

IT does lighten the skin so it will then be good if you go out in the sun to prevent excessive skin damage.

Tooth paste is a great way to dry them out I don’t leave it on all night, just until it dries and you can repeat this step and we will be back with more skin tips on how to cure acne.

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Other masks

Peppermint, tea tree, chick pea flour and milk

Cinnamon, honey and turmeric

Other important features

Bicarbonate of soda and sea salt for exfoliating.


Hiqma Author878

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