Acne and Skin Products

Hey my DARLINGS I am back… 

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Now moisturises can be expensive, but be very careful with your acne…

I just use to purchase anything without knowing it was actually making my acne worse…

Don’t use one for dry skin you need one that will have less oil because you already suffer from oily skin…

I was advised to use stuff from the himalayas and it was expensive, but worth to splash on it so you do not irritate your skin even further,

Acne is inflammatory so you do not want to cause further irritation,

The himalayas stuff, didn’t quite do it for me.. 

So i sent the sample back and didn’t purchase it.

Be careful online because people will tell you how amazing and how much it works…


Acne is no miracle cure and you cannot cure it with one kind of product and besides everyone is different. 

Moisturising is important, but Choose the right product.

Ask if you can order a sample and if  not then forget it.

Cetaphil is a mild cleanser which is great, but what moisturizer ?

I tried all sorts and found Tea tree oil to be a great moisturizer and peppermint oil which are both great at curing acne.

Exfoliating removes dead skin sells so i use sugar and lemon or bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice.

Just do it gently do not be too rough you need to treat your skin like you’re going to rub a babies skin it is very delicate.

Twice a week or three times a week i will do and no more than that.

Not everyone knows you can now get mask clothes 

I always aim for green tea and tea tree or spearmint and tea tree.

The body shop do a tea tree toner and other great tea tree products to look out for.

It has helped my oily skin an awful lot and cleared the impurities.

Place it onto a cotton wipe and wipe over arms, face, neck and here is a trick for your back…

Either ask mama or place cotton wipe on a clean bathroom brush not the one you shower with you need a new one… 

Now go over your back very gently,,,

I even had acne on my chest which was horrible so i also applied the toner to my chest.

I am into VEGAN PRODUCTS and to be honest they have helped… 

So thumbs up to the body shop 

I also use LUSH 

I get any tea tree moisturisers.. 

Blocks are good from lush, but with acne you will spread impurities everywhere so it is better while treating your acne for the first time to use the Body shop skin care range.

Remember to read my other blog on Cleaning before touching your skin…

The body shop is my LOVE I get my VEGAN MAKE UP my essential oils and everything you will always find me in one of their stores in the mornings or afternoons.

Bodyshop is great for acne prone skin and i still use it from fear of its return i do get an occasional spot, but now it doesn’t bother me like before. 

Clinique have a good spot on treatment as with trail and error i decided to try it and it dried it very quickly. 

Its tiny you can even put it in your pocket and use it throughout the day if you need to, but do not use it more than 3 times a day, 3 times and week i recommended because you do not want to irritate your acne.

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