Sunday, 22 May 2016 i wrote this met them on the 17 May i had to remove some videos from youtube but will upload some more

Busted are back?

I was shocked and its no surprise Charlie Simpson was surprised himself right?
Many things can happen over the years; so him and fellow bandmates James Bourne liked the same kind of music which is good.
It then lead to a trip to Philadelphia with other bandmate Matt Willis and they began writing songs.
A tour had been announced and i felt my teenage self one more time.
I was so shocked, but i was so happy, i was actually planning to see Mcbusted again, but then i thought i saved up i may as well go to Busted.
It was tough to get good seats because i tried prebooking, but i couldn’t do so.
I called from 8;30 am and redialled the box office @sheffieldArena and finally someone picked up at 9;12 am, but here is the scary bit, all the central seats were gone, but row 24 seats 6 and 7 were not really that far away…
The OMFG was just luck, me and a friend won them in a tin after we bought the awesome OMFGtin which contains a pair of sunglasses, poster, guitar picks, and strap and “OH WAIT AND MINUTE,” my best friend turns to me “Hiqma Hiqma!” WE WON OMFG wrist bands OMG i couldn’t believe my luck we both had a rough couple of years so meeting them was great for her, but especially for me after losing two members of my family, one to a kind of cancerous spread like infection and one to terminal cancer… SEEING THEM IN OMFG WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER…
The music is louder it is way more clearer and photos look better and it is easier and i didn’t need a selfie stick this time, but i do think someone should invent one for digital cameras.
Preparing for the concert
So i decided to go with my best friend and get her a good birthday present OF COURSE MEET AND GREET because i helped her through her tough patch and she has been helping me too and i really appreciated her help so i also wanted to meet them, but i could not go without Kerry…
I had to treat her, pick a good person to go with, you know someone fun and energetic.
I got a new phone because i really needed a water-proof one because i have epilepsy and i didn’t need to worry about buses or trams because Kerry Drove me as it is better to go in a car, we parked somewhere behind the arena because it can be difficult getting out with nearly 15 thousand people.
I got a 32gb memory card and a spare battery for my digital camera because it ran out towards the end of mcbusted because of course you will use the flash quite a lot as it is dark.
Just take your camera to any store you purchased it and they will match the exact battery so it will not ruin your camera.
In the next blog i will put more photos up as i am writing this in my mums because she is going away for a month.
Of course i will upload more videos to my instagram and to my youtube.
Waterproof makeup is a must because you will get pretty sweaty so bare this in mind,
I know many people wouldn’t do this, but another mate said to close eyes and spray hairspray over your make up and it does set really well and lasts a whole lot longer,
Either buy a t-shirt at the merchandise desk or better still DESIGN ONE this is a fun creative way and i love @jamesbourne he said he liked my t-shirt I am a writer so i thought instead of spending hours deciding what t-shirt to buy i took a newer photo of theres and decided to make my own tshirt quote…
My friend also designed her own and it was done by a great shop in sheffield 9 i will have to shout him out in a different blog because his work is amazing and his prices are great and the quality is outstanding.
You will sweat, jumping and jumping so do get some nice sprays i got Charlie Intense spray and wore Katy perry Killer queen because it was 100 ml at the perfume shop for only £20 so i got a pretty good bargain.
So get your cameras sorted and your tickets and phones in a nice big bag, plus perfume and essentials like chewing gum, lozenges oh yes all the screaming (laughs)
Meet and greet! 
You do normally meet bands after the show, but we met Busted before.
Loads of people sent me dms on Twitter and Instagram and on my facebook page to ask how to upgrade.
It is really simple i went on to ticket master and found meet and greet upgrade, but you also need your ticket to enter into the show do not forget,
I did have problems with my secure code, but do not ask at the desk for stuff like that they do not know what they’re talking about (laughs) no seriously I called up my bank and they tell you how to do the securecode online it often comes up on just eat and of course meet and greets and i sorted it out and finally my heart was anxious and i was jumping into my 15 year old self once more.
I called up ticketmaster because i wasn’t sure what time to meet them as it was just an email conformation without a timeslot.
So then i got a number to call VIP nation and they told me when to meet them so i was up bright and early, had a bath, something to eat and of course a can of coke before i left for energy (laughs) which is not good for anyone, but hey its a concert!
Also you get the email notification number to download your phoro after meeting these lovely guys,,,
I love all of them they’re all really sweet and i cannot believe i got to meet them, but overtime really paid off especially when i met James i was so shy and he was like so full of energy “Heyyyyy,” and he asked me how i was and then i felt really comfortable and couldn’t stop talking to them.
I got seven minutes in Heaven Literally (laughs)
Of course i had to brag about meeting them because it is the first band i ever wanted to meet and the first ones i ever have done and i am so glad that i did and was so happy James followed me on Twitter he is the sweetest guy i have ever met.
It was lovely talking to him, like i have known him years i could literally talk to him ages hes very genuine, Matt spoke to me too he’s also very nice and Charlie is nice too and i am lucky i got to talk to all three.
I must say Charlie is so tall I was literally looking up at him i am only 5 ft 3 i should have wore heels, but i only wear them to weddings otherwise i would not be able to jump.
I do advise do not wear tight jeans i jumped so hard to year 3000 that my zip broke (laughs) oh well it was near the end and my shirt covered it up.
Do print out your email confirmation to meet and greet because they ask to see it before they let you in.
We waited until the guys were ready, you do get told where to go so don’t worry about that Sheffield Arena is great and i am sure other venues are brilliant too like that.
You get a wrist band it says i met busted which is so cool, and a vip pass which is awesome.
My photo on my facebook page has over 1.2k likes i couldn’t believe it, but i can “BUSTED ARE BACK,” it seemed like a pipe dream, but oh my god they’re back.
OMFG experience
Opening/support acts
A girl i am not too familiar with, but she is a pretty good performer called Emma Blackberry she is on youtube it is different to see someone perform, i enjoyed her performance and did youtube some of it.
She did get the crowd involved which i really love,
Wheatus were an old school favourite and everyone knows the song Teenage Dirtbag and it was the highlight of the performances that they did because it brought me and my older sister lots of memories plus was great to see him sing the female part live and he asked us to sing it first!
Flying pig oh yes i saw a pig fly across the arena so they can fly.
They kept increasing suspicion i kept thinking they were coming each time i heard drumbeats (laughs) they did this a few times and then jumped on stage and were absolutely incredible.
Seeing them live you will not regret it i may have converted someone else so i may see him at a show someday! Facebook hype (laughs) … I loved all the performances and especially coming home which you can download for free here
Or just go to http://www.busted.com
the pig sty looked amazing and you can upgrade and get a goody bag which includes
The amazing Pigsty Survival Kit includes a Pigsty Mask, Pigsty Hoody, Pigsty Torch  and Pigsty Survival kit bag and you can upgrade from OMFG to the Pigsty onstage with the band which is pretty awesome is it not? There is confetti for you BUSTERS to throw so its pretty cool.
For me winning OMFG i cannot believe it, James threw a guitar pick to me, but i didn’t quite catch it, it was a fight for it (laughs) i will get one next time, its pretty cool, because Charlie waved at us and also i was pretty close to James even after all those LOVELY cuddles i could still high five him and Charlie.
They played new songs, and a new album is in the making and i cannot wait to hear more music i am literally crazy for the new song coming home that i managed to get it on my phone which i will show you at the end of my post.
I was just belly dancing the entire show (laughs) i am mixed race its the only dancing i know and jumping (laughs)  Coming here was a blast and i really, really need to see them again it has definitely helped me with losing two people to cancer this year and one being on the 29th of April so i will always look back on this Day and say THANK YOU BUSTED!
JAMES BOURNE we come to you ❤ thank you so much you are so kind and so sweet I never forgot you, Maybe we should write together one day!
Ok so The website is http://www.busted.com
You can also follow them on social media
Lets start with James
Twitter @jamesbourne
Instagram @jamesfutureboybourne
Twitter @charliesimo
Instagram @charliesimo
Twitter  @mattjwillis
Instagram @mattJwillis
@busted for facebook instagram and twitter
For snapchat it is Bustedmusic
To get the song COMING HOME on your phone is very easy…
You need a computer first of all if it will not work on your phone,
Then you need a cloud storage and i used the knowhow cloud because it was £90 for 5 years so i figured why not.
Then I also have the app on my phone as well as my laptop.
Once you download the song and save it and store it into knowhow cloud you should be able to go out of phone briefcase in knowhow and get to PCW  and download it on to your phone and listen to it as much as you like or in my case the whole day (laughs)
Well especially if i do 12-14 hour petitions it is nice to listen to their new stuff and i am so happy they are back i really am and i think everyone needs to cut Charlie some slack…
Everyone is young and needs to try new things i have tried all my dreams WHY NOT!
He is back now and no doubt they will do some great things in future.
I did say lots of screaming (laughs)
These are two i had on my phone so when i get back to my home i will do more blogs and share more content you can also follow me on instagram
Youtube 76729bmac (many ask why the name? (its a long story)
Facebook page    Author878  i use it mainly for my writing but do occasionally share photos and videos.
I Hope you enjoyed my blog and i hope you enjoy seeing them …
If not this time try again when i was young they were always sold out its the songs they’re amazing.
So original so fresh and so unique.
Tweet your photos to @Busted #OMFGpigscanfly
They will really love that  www.busted.com

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