Hello this was funny, but it sparked my attention even though i am not even a parent.
It was so shocking I could not believe my eyes.
So it is a Thursday evening and it is pretty boring and my niece gets out my phone…
Playing random games on Pou which is a good game for children as it has many benefits as well as fun.
It is educational and funny, even children with autism really like it.
This thing I saw wouldn’t have any effect on children unless they can read really, really well between the ages of 3-7…
Luckily my niece did not see this and it was just me and my friend who is a careworker i mean this is ridiculous.
I have filed a report and made a complaint, it may be a one off and I do hope my 10 year old niece never sees this ever!
I decided to stumble upon Pou words which I found quite relaxing until i saw that and thought “Oh my God,” and my friend also said the same.

Here the shocking image below… like i said i laughed only at the same time i thought no way!

I had to share the image on twitter too
Top line read it and then see why i said how shocking it is because it is not just kids from ages 5-7 who play it <a href=”″></a&gt;

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