Do not pay for single

Find it below and listen to me
Brothers pay to talk to sisters for £29 a month WHY ??? here is my story on my Youtube channel and what i think!
Firstly  they just want your money I say Make the video Viral i am sure he has enough money to stop scamming men its gone on for 16 years and a man who is not paying a membership now here is another sly trick… a girl can be naive to look into paying £29 to talk to him for one month or send him a flower a virtual one from £2.99 to £8 and if he’s not active for 2-3 months is he even still using the same email? Has his account been hacked when you report; there is no i think this account is compromised or hacked!  Its so silly WHY ARE YOU PAYING TO TALK TO PEOPLE? 
Halal Nikah is a facebook group and you can message the members for free!
There are many other groups.
Your local imam, mosques, sheikhs and islamic bookstores and practising muslims can help you if you are struggling to find a partner.
I would do a speed dating event for £5 a head and it goes to Knife awareness project but no they don’t want to pay for it …
When it can save millions of lives
Rather they sit on a computer getting rejected, month after month for £29.
They are being scammed and females are naive enough to pay to contact him when she doesn’t need to pay but its besides the point she likes a profile and wants to get in touch and there is no refund policy. 
“All the success stories on youtube are fantastic though;”
No its a marketing strategy and they earn enough money to get 75 thousand views and what not!
Sending the virtual flowers well here again there is no paypal so they get your card details OH MY !!!
So if men pay this website and give away their details how are they even safe?
I couldn’t put medical links in my profile  because they do not allow it so people kept contacting me and i had to message them to explain it and apparently i am a waste of space.
The admin is hardly online and uses a fake photo, its far too clear to be real and her age is not on there and that’s lies again.
The whole thing is a sham and a big waste of time and money!
Most of the people who contacted me were very backwards and illiterate, only using whatsapp, viber, and no other social media platform, but if he’s renewed his membership he cannot get a refund,  and i don’t like giving out my number to people in this situation whereas on facebook i can just block him.
I can block users on this dating site but still if i had to decide to contact someone who seemed to be educated and he turned out not to be then he has my phone number.
If he cannot accept my medical condition then i am basically going to be married on top of for child purposes when i could have included that link in my profile to prevent them from getting in contact and wasting my time.
They should display ads and let people connect for free if they REALLY CARE and want to help people.
I think the couples in the success stories were paid to promote this shambles of a website.
I am not retracting my opinion at all, but they are not catering anyones needs, they should let people with disabilities allow links in their profiles.
Social media links they do not allow fair enough, but i have had enough  at least on other islamic sites i have been able to do this even though i did have to pay and the same type of people contacted me, but i will write that its a blog on its own.
Whether you agree with me or not; your choice but you are wasting your time, I said a month was enough its made me  refrain from this for a while.
Legal scam Why pay when you can find a partner to communicate with for free I will publish a full blog
I did …
I know i will get stick for this, but i just felt i had to do it and that is the bottom line, you can disagree, but i seen little positivity from it.
One asked me to show him papers… i am BRITISH DO I NOT SOUND IT LOL!  and one asked if he could marry over me and he had viewed my profile 28 times and was attracted, but said he can’t wait for children, but it was only after i sent the link by facebook and i think why on earth???   if the links were in my profile it would have saved me heart ache.
Ok a quote from some random person
“Thats a cheeky site. Make guys pay wtf is up with that and use Islam as their strategy and marketing tool. “
I must say i have to agree completely.
I am a sister who cares for you Muslim brothers and one didn’t even have a smart phone and for heavens sake he can afford one if he wasn’t paying £29 a month for single muslim.
They don’t care about anyone just money; if a man met a sister and she fleeces him then it is his fault and if she gets fleeced its her fault.
Social media is safer, just talk and block without the need to meet each other alone, because some people want to meet alone and do not do that!
It is dangerous, so it is important you watch my video and share it for important key facts.

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