Keratoconus and Confidence

Hello my dear readers…

Confidence can sometimes be a very sensitive issue, especially if things set you back. For me the first thing was the shock and little knowledge of this rare eye condition I recently got diagnosed with; at first it affected my vision and I found things more difficult which i mentioned in a previous blog.

It started to affect my confidence as the eye disease progressed,  sometimes it is nice to put eyeliner on and do your eyebrows, but i cannot do it anymore. I had the confidence in having very long thick eyelashes… My eyes are my most beautiful and defined feature, so the diagnosis of bad vision was particularly a little bit of an issue that I couldn’t do my beautiful smokey eyes, but i was grateful i could still apply mascara, though it was a struggle i still managed…  I used to use Avon Super shock…

Now i use MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Mascara, Black

It isn’t too expensive and i only need a coat as my eyelashes are already very long and thick and this makes them look perfect.
It gives me that confidence boost i need because after the disease had progressed and the astigmatism worsened; my right iris was sliding to the other side.
It had caused me some mild depression, but my advice to you is do not let it hold you back; go to work and go out and have fun.
If you want to apply eye liner ask a neighbor, your sister or a friend to do it; big problem for me as i live alone and my neighbors cannot apply it and i don’t have a flat mate; luckily my sister lives round the corner if i got an event or function and also my friends are nearby too.
People have bullied me online about my eyes and said really cruel things  on the photo i sent to cash motto, but i didn’t care because i have grown thicker skin as i been bullied all of my life so this was nothing, but it did hurt a little. After all i never asked for this to happen, but my response to his “Bongeye”  …  Was simple  as not to take the mick out of someone without knowing their circumstances and i also said i am proud of my eyes and i am now to be honest   i left the old me in an old closet with the rest of the junk..
This is now me and it is sometimes hard to accept it as i am only human, but loads of  people get messed up over an image…
Look what happened to Katie Piper and she is now inspiring people all over the world with her new found confidence and I am so proud of her and i want to inspire people too….
So i sent my photo to @cashmotto on Instagram and on Twitter and ony my Instagram @bath_treats I got over 250 likes and i got over 20 likes on their page and i am so happy that @officialchip liked it and it made me think it doesn’t matter about my eye!  Everybody loves me as a person and think i am beautiful so what more could i ask for and i thought to myself i am being silly….
So in future i will add more selfies WHY THE HELL NOT!
Katie Piper is a beautiful and inspiring young woman and i love her for the influence she has had on me…
She is still so beautiful  and i felt so silly feeling bad about my eye, people have been through much worse and to be honest i felt really silly….
The only part of confidence affecting me is my vision i am now used to specs even though i’d rather not, but contacts are better for keratoconus…. So i will try them soon enough,
Things are difficult like not being able to see very well and making embarrassing typos, not being able to find things, or read well and watching the television  and doing my arts and crafts, but hopefully  this will soon be resolved.
I had to include a photo of the inspiring Katie Piper below she is beautiful and i will say again how amazing she is.
To see how she has helped people i will include some links here…
Katie Presents

Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos – All 4

The last photo is a before and after photo of my eye, be sure to read my other Blogs Keratoconus and the two i wrote about my surgery in my eye to stop progression.
Thank you for reading and do follow me on twitter
@bath_treats4 and tell me what sort of things you would like me to write about or what you think of my blogs i would really appreciate any feedback.
Blessings and love to all!
eye disease

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