International Working Woman’s day


Dear Readers…

It is the 8th March 2016 and so here is what i had to write about today’s celebration and i hope you enjoy what i wrote.

I am so proud of what so little females did to create a unity of strong independant women.

Through all the oppression women fought for equal rights and have succeeded in all regions and aspects of  work all over the world.

Every year it is celebrated on March the 8th and I remember something really funny; no i don’t mind sharing it as sexist twats are still amongst our region and in my case it was a Teacher.

Ok so we were a class full of headstrong teenage girls and it was time to leave the class so I was applying lipstick so my lips wouldn’t get dry and he comes out with “LISTEN TO ME MADAM, just because it is International Woman’s Day it doesn’t mean you can go round putting lipstick on,”    I had to be a little cheeky and say “Excuse me Sir I wouldn’t want to be your wife,” (laughs)  It was already time to go home so it didn’t matter if I got sent out, I was only sixteen!

In some cultures they do not respect the right of the woman, but she deserves to be educated and to work by her own free will.

Alot of people argue it is religious values, but it is not  that at all, but cultures differ in opinion and schools of thought.

Now it is amazing to know that the earliest celebration dates back to 1909 in New York by a socialist party that inspired women so much that it didn’t end there.

In 1910 a couple of years after that was a conference, following hundreds of women from over ten different countries, which  was amazing because it has had a large impact on many women of different political and cultural backgrounds.

In 1913 Russia got involved and more women began to protest and march their rights and beliefs into what they wanted to achieve which was equal rights and London had a March a year later on Trafalgar Square which i found through my research so I think i will feel empowered walking through the Square and in 1917  you cannot forget Saint Petersburg for the strike on behalf of Bread and Peace.

IT had become an international holiday and my point is look at the dedication and faith these women had in the passion for freedom it is more than inspiring; their passion makes you so proud.

If it wasn’t for these immaculate strong people there wouldn’t be people the world perseveres such as…

Eleanor Roosevelt – Diplomat, U.S. First Lady – Biography.com

Do not forget the music we listen to and it is not just women who have got great benefit from this, but the population on a whole…

Here are some great singers from the past that are missed, but never will one forget these legends…

The Official Cilla Black Website | Official site for British pop …

She helped people find love on the hit television show, Blind Date also and if you were born in the eighties you may remember her as the tv host on the moment of truth also.

Here is another one of my favorites and she starred along side  another of my favorites in this amazing movie Kevin Costnet…



Yes of course the Brilliant

Whitney Houston | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Also the biggest selling female artist of all time; well one of them

Mariah Carey | #1 to Infinity

 Not to forget another artist who has sold over 100 million Albums worldwide


I personally loved these two entertainers and sadly we lost them so soon may they rest in peace,,,

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes – Rapper, Singer –

Aaliyah – The Official Website

Also an entrepreneur as well as an extremely successful actress is the amazing…
Now we have female doctors and nurses as well as successful entrepreneurs and if you watch BBC APPRENTICE  i really appreciated what these two inspiring and successful women have done; more so Bianca because she didn’t win the investment, but worked so hard and to tell you the truth i am so glad I can never find the right shade of tights as i am mixed raced, but my skin is so light, but not the lightest its not even olive unless I have been out in the sun too long.
I did get some and i will need a new pair because I lost weight again and i cannot wait to order again from her website.
Leah congratulations to the DR  upon winning the 250,000 investment and running her successful business and i am proud of both of them.

Bianca Miller London | Bringing nude hosiery to all skin tones.

Think of your mothers’ and how hard they work to bring you up and make you what you are and your teachers who help you.
Also think if these people never fought for equal rights; Women will be severely oppressed, So well done to them…
Don’t forget social workers, district nurses, youth workers and female post women and i have seen women working in construction too and now we have more political leaders and never to forget hair stylists, beauticians and make up artists.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it and i could mention a million other inspiring people, but we all inspire in our own ways.
My aunt and I run Knife awareness in Sheffield and it is not easy to do and we are Two Women and it is a shame to see some women fully capable of being something immaculate but throwing away life and people in poor or war torn countries can only dream to have these kinds of opportunities and education.

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