Post Cross linking Eye Surgery

Hello Readers…

After Surgery I had my eye shield on and was told to keep it on at all times; not while i sleep though because my eye would be shut.

This shield is to prevent dirt and dust getting into the eye while it is healing.

I was told i could use numbing drops only on the first night of the healing process.

Ahmed held me by my arm, i was blinded as i cannot see anything other than double visioned blurred ghosts in my right eye.

So this was a Thursday and i already had my eyes numbed out and it was ok until they wore off and i felt pained.

I am not putting you off; go and get the treatment to prevent its progressiveness or it continues to get worse as each day goes on.

How can i describe the pain? 

Well It felt like I had poked my eye with a mascara wand, had a continuous thick bristly eye lash lurking in there or if you ever slept funny; EG on your arm or hand and you wake up and it hurts and stings; that is what it felt like, but I’d say much worse.

My tolerance to pain is quite good as i have had many cartilage piercings on my ears, but i have to say it was very bad.

Luckily i had my mum in the evenings when someone else could go to stay with my Step Dad in hospital.

She fed me as I couldn’t see very well and felt it was better to shut my eye as it was very sensitive to light.

I felt a little like a toddler to be quite frank, it was funny, but Lord Bless my mum she was absolutely brilliant.

I couldn’t go on my phone as i couldn’t see, or on my laptop, I couldn’t watch the television so my friends came round and talked to me while i laid in my mums guest bed.

My mum sat with me in the evenings, she gave me my eye drops including the antibiotics to prevent any infections and then gave me ibuprofen, paracetamol as i cannot take any others from my Epilepsy and Irritable bowels which had been caused from my Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.

She kept the hallway light on and the door open if i  had to use the numbing drops in the night while she was sleeping.

I had to use them several times in the night and it was nearly unbearably hard to sleep.

I didn’t drink much fluid at night,  just in case i had to go to the toilet.

Luckily the next day  wasn’t so bad it just carried on the same procedure and gradually got much better and i was able to do my own eye drops on the third night.

I got some lovely hampers, perfumes, chocolates, teddies and loads of cuddles from my friends so it was lovely, i didn’t get bored with them around.

So i wouldn’t really worry, just keep taking your painkillers and the Ibuprofen that reduces swelling because mine did swell and my brother was on it from the first night he got me extra painkillers that i took at the recommended times, well it was my mum ha ha; i couldn’t see the time.


Showering and bathing?

Always do so, but make sure your eyeshield is on and you keep your eyes shut at all times; you cannot get water in your eyes.

Treat it as you would a broken arm, keep it dry.

You can wash your face of course, i found it easier with a flannel or a wet towel.

I saw  the consultant on a Monday and it was perfectly fine i was given the all clear from infections etc so i was very happy.

How long did it take for your eye to heal?

It took my eye around 5 days to get much better, so i was lucky and i rested well and by Wednesday i was able to watch BBC APPRENTICE.

I couldn’t miss my beloved show!

I was able to go on my phone a little; not too much though.

I was able to go out, but after two weeks it was completely healed.

So don’t be afraid i say life’s too short; GO FOR IT!

I will talk about my eyes and the astigmatism as i uploaded a photo of my self  wearing amazing  clothing from to support Jahmaal Fyffe known as Chip;Chipmunk and twitter/Instagram as @officialchip and i didn’t appreciate what some people had said about my eye without knowing what i had been through…

Yes i was proud to upload my image because i love his clothing line and it gives me a chance to raise awareness on progressive eye disease and how it affects people.

The image is found on @cashmottoclothing  Instagram and in the image below, but do visit the website for a clearer image as I cropped this one to show people what the astigmatism looks like!

Do read the post about the eye surgery and if you’ve any questions do ask me…

On the Knife awareness post it has all of my Social media’s you can follow.

I don’t tend to upload loads of selfies it is not lack of confidence it is just a preference, as i don’t like meaningless photos I prefer ones which have meaning behind it! xxx


eye disease





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