Cross linking eye surgery

“Getting Diagnosed with Keratoconus was terrifying for me.”

It was a lot to take in and i got really anxious and i didn’t go to all of my appointments.

I am here to be honest it is a progressive disease; I say it is like Cancer for the eyes!

Now luckily in the UK a new treatment from the USA; only became approved recently and i decided given the circumstances that my right eye now misaligned, i decided to save my left eye in 2015 .

I chose the 12 of November because it was before my birthday or i’d be waiting longer; promising the healing wouldn’t take long I just went for it!

I updated my Instagram with a video message to say I will be inactive for a while, and my facebook of course a simple status and my snapchat with a quick wish me luck video and a simple tweet to my followers and I even got a follow back from the amazing Scott Saunders who had recently been on BBC APPRENTICE and now runs his own business that is going really well; will talk about that more in an upcoming blog!

It made me feel better before the surgery having the follow back and a lovely shoutout from him as I was very anxious about my surgery.

I had no family members who could attend with me as my stepfather was very sick in hospital at the time; luckily a family friend attended with me as I was told i will need somebody there with me.

So me and Ahmed headed into an Express Taxi and got to Royal Hallamshire hospital of Sheffield and I was seen by the doctor to have the procedure done, they numbed my eyes several times before they touched my left eye.

I lay in the office whilst the dr put cold water into my opened eye, and told it was corneal collagen crosslinking and he said that my brain is no longer using my right eye, it is only using my left eye to create an image.

I was kind of angry and devastated with myself for letting my anxiety get the better of me and thinking “OH MY GOD I COULD HAVE AVOIDED THIS; after the blut is gone does this mean blindness?”  Even though I had been promised it is not; apparently it stays a blur for the rest of my life.

Epithelium-off CXL 

Was to be performed on my left eye so with my watered opened eye he began to remove the thin outer layer of my cornea and put drops of water and following it by drops of riboflavin so it can penetrate into my eyes.

Ahmed was collecting my prescriptions in the hospital pharmacy as I would need after the treatment, which included antibiotics, and salty eye drops and other eye drops for dryness; all which helped speed up the healing process.

After this was done I had the application of ultra violet light for precisely 8 minutes.

The entire surgery took as little as 30 minutes and i was taken away and given numbing drops only to be used on the first night of treatment.

I will talk about Post surgery and what i did to cope with it.

Make sure you follow your after care sheet plan very well which I will also talk about in my next post!

eye disease

Not been an easy journey for me, but Keratoconus is progressive and you do need to keep going, do not miss appointments or it could become very fatal and you will need a transplant! I have accepted how the astigmatism makes me look, but it can be pretty hard sometimes which I will talk about in other posts.

On a positive note I am happy my left eye will not get any worse than it already progressed.

If you have the disease then my best advice is go get cross linking surgery as soon as it develops so it won’t get worse, then you may not need contacts or glasses, but you may need them,

I am currently in specs, but may need special contacts from hospital which i am willing to try anything just to see clear again and getting this was worth it.

If you cannot go free then I included a couple of links for you and please go because your eye sight is very precious so please go!



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