Hello I am here to talk to you about my medical nightmare… 


A very rare Eye Disease which thins out the cornea and causes Visual distortion in which i will explain as i go along.

My eyes were stinging and in pain and i thought nothing of it; as per usual I thought it was just an eyelash, splashing cold water into my eyes and going to sleep. 

I woke up the following morning to see my right eye was very sticky and i could see a film where my cornea would normally be clear as day. 

Instead I have this gooey substance in my eyes and so i just cleaned it with pure boiled water and a cotton pad over it and thought it was conjunctivitis, as it was very sticky and stung, but this was very different..I have my breakfast either Asda or Tesco free range eggs and raw spinach with Heinz baked beans  and my usual Yorkshire tea or my Douwe Egberts coffee.

The pain was still so severe and the gooey mess was so annoying and consistent to the point I became very anxious and drank some ice cold Volvic water to calm down! 

I quickly get my Samsung galaxy S3 and call my sister and we’d gone to several Opticians to get an appointment as urgently as possible.

In the end I managed to get an appointment and she asked me to come back for further tests.

As each week progressed my right eye was getting more and more gooey; the pain was so severe I had to use Nurofen painkillers for my temples and  migraines.

In further following weeks I began to notice change in my right eye; things were not appearing as they seemed.

I had double vision sort of like a ghost vision; so if I looked at the word Disney on the television I would see the ghost image so it looked like Disney had a twin if it makes sense.

I was seen within the next couple of days and the unthinkable had happened and I was sent to hospital for even further tests.

The first appointment I was asked to look through all kinds of different prisms and lenses to see what was wrong with my eyes.

After around an hour they still didn’t know what it was and so was asked to go back to my optician.

After a few weeks my optician saw my eye was getting worse and my cornea was thinning out in such a short space of time.




i did not like the sound of that because it made me feel anxious, but agreed to come the following week,

Things became harder, like reading, knitting, painting, sewing which i loved doing very much.

Even applying Mac eyeliner was becoming impossible as I could do my right eye because my left eye was my savior, but I could not apply it to my left eye because of the double vision,

I kept making typos on my Dell Laptop and on my Samsung Galaxy S3, even the Ipad it was hard to play subway Surfers, farm heroes, candy crush, words with friends and four pics one word which i loved to play in my spare time.

It was hard to read so going on poetry poem which was my poetry social media where i share my quotes and poetry to build my fanbase was causing setbacks as I had to reply to fans and it was very difficult to keep up.

I couldn’t use whatsapp or facebook very much, i didn’t tweet much on my twitter or use instagram as much as I needed to use them because having epilepsy I cannot always meet my friends, who live far from me so i need to use social media to keep contact.

At last the day arrived and i went with my sister in a now strange world of ghost hunting as i put it, even the plants and street lights had ghosts.

Shop signs had doubled in size and i found myself having to squint to read them properly like i did to read everything.

So I got there and sat down to hear the devastating news that I had been DIAGNOSED!

I never expected to have inherited another medical condition or disease in my family.

This was another genetic condition as i said i didn’t rub my eyes much at all…

Keratoconus appears mainly in teenagers and they were surprised that it appeared in my mid twenties,

They asked what i think caused it, but i wasn’t sure if it was my medication, but the Phenobarbitol anti Epileptic medication did not cause it or sleeping with blindfolds or insomnia or my assault to my head in 2012.

This was 2013 and it was devastating for me and I was sent back to the hospital for much further tests.

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